Omeka S - Mail Settings

I recently had to delete and re-install Omeka S. When I re-created my co-workers’ accounts, the system sent them an email with their login credentials and a link to create their password. My ITS Department is freaking out because not only did they not recognize ‘Omeka’, but also the account name/URL our host gave us was very similar to our old webserver name.

Is there any place from within Omeka S where I can change this ‘sent from’ email address?



The “From” email address Omeka S uses is the configured Administrator email from the settings page.

OK. Kind of like changing the admin settings in WordPress? Sorry if that sounds dumb, I’m more used to working in WordPress…anyway, I just checked and my work email is listed as the email address. I must be looking in the wrong place.

That’s the right place.

Do you have the email in question, or other info from IT about what the issue is? Maybe they’re not talking about the From header in the email, but something else.

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