Omeka s installation

I want to install Omeka S without using github but am unable to find instructions. I downloaded and that is as far as I have gotten.

I am going to install it on a RHEL 7 server.

Can someone post the link to the installation instructions?


We’ll soon be releasing an updated site, but for now there are instructions in GitHub.

Thanks Patrick! That helps a lot.

I browsed to the basic instructions ReadMe to see the Requirements. (see below)

If I am NOT installing from github will I still need to install node.js and npm?




Apache (with AllowOverride set to "All" and mod_rewrite enabled)
MySql 5.5.3+
PHP 5.6+ (latest stable version preferred, with PDO, pdo_mysql, and xml extensions installed)

The default library for generating thumbnails is ImageMagick, at least version 6.7.5. Older versions will not correctly produce thumbnails. See local.config.php options below.

Installing from GitHub

Make sure Node.js and npm are installed

Basic instructions for installing and updating from GitHub can be found in the ReadMe

I’m pretty sure that if you are installing from zips, you won’t need node.js and npm.

We’ve been moving a lot of documentation around and restructuring lately, and what you quote looks like it might even be outdated. Could you link to the GitHub page where you saw this?

Thanks. Documentation has been getting lots of attention lately. Turns out that README seems correct. the Node and npm stuff is basically there to run gulp, which installs all our various dependencies. Those are packaged up in the zip version, so you should be in the clear.