Omeka S Ignoring Ldap Module


I am having a problem of Omeka S ignoring the LDAP plugin by BibLibre. I have tried all combinations of Omeka versions 3.0.2 and 3.1.0 with BibLibre Ldap versions .3.1, .3.0, and .1.0. 0.2 was not compatible. I do have php-ldap installed and other applications on the server can communicate with the LDAP server. I do not have a log file ( I am guessing because Omeka is not finding an issue to log). Is there any other requirements that may not be mentioned for these 2 to work together? As always, any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Is there any ldap authentication module that works for omeka s now? I did have success with the ldap module for Omeka version 2.0 but I do no think that it is maintained at this point.

Is there any documentation on how authentication is handles in Omeka? I can look into manually adding ldap auth to Omeka S.

For anyone that is familiar with the Omeka s login process; I believe that the Ldap adapter is never set as the login adapter in /vendor/laminas/laminas-authentication/src/AuthenticationService.php. Should this happen automatically or is there a way to declare the ldap login adapter so that it can be used? Any help is appreciated.


I have identified the problem. It was a conflicting Module. Please close.

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