Omeka S for institutional repositories?

Our archives currently host our digital content on OCLC’s ContentDM. We have collections of images, newspapers, meeting minutes, student papers, and lots of governance PDFs.

I’m familiar with the older model of Omeka, but not Omeka S. Our university is probably acquiring it to use with digital humanities projects, and they asked if I would be interested in using it in the archives. The archives’ version of ContentDM is not going to be supported soon, so we’ll have to either move to a new model or an entirely new system.

I’ve only viewed classic Omeka sites. Are there any sites using Omeka S you would commend? I visited the sandbox, but I’m interested in looking through a complete site.

I’m trying to determine if Omeka S would be appropriate for our institutional repository. It includes PDFs of papers and mp3 albums of student concerts.

Are there any examples of people using Omeka S for institutional repositories? Also, we batch upload using CSV files. Are there any examples of what time of format we should use when I test in the sandbox?

Thank you

Here’s an example of what a concert album looks like in ContentDM:

We have a directory of sites using Omeka S. The one which might be closest to what you describe would be the Paris Sciences and Lettres Digital Library

Thank you. I looked through the directory and the site you mentioned, but didn’t see any audio recordings. Does Omeka S support mp3s?

The site of PSL have some old video available ([ids][0]=101180). Omeka supports any file types, they are just files stored in a folder. The browser may not support them (but all common browsers support mp3).