Omeka S for a conceptual dictionary?

Hi everyone,

I’m reaching out to see if anyone has experience in working with Omeka S as a platforma for a dictionary. I have a project in mind that I’d love to get some feedback on.

I’m interested in creating a website that features two interconnected, conceptual dictionaries. These dictionaries would focus on plant life in specific geographic regions. The idea is to use images (including when hovering the word) and maps.

Conceptual Dictionaries:These wouldn’t be traditional dictionaries with simple definitions. Instead, they would offer rich, multi-layered information about the plants, including detailed descriptions, relevant facts, and cultural significance.

Hyperlinked Concepts: Concepts within the dictionaries would be hyperlinked, allowing users to explore related terms and delve deeper into specific topics.

Scalability: The website would be designed to accommodate future expansion. The goal is to add additional dictionaries focusing on the vegetation of other regions.

I’m wondering if Omeka S might be a good choice. Omeka S seems to offer better built-in features for handling complex data structures and relationships between items.

If you’ve created a similar project with nested data, I’d be incredibly grateful to know your experience with Omeka.

Thanks a lot.