Omeka S Exhibit module


I am very new to Omeka. I have set up an Omeka S server, which I thought is advanced option compared to the Omeka Classic, hence will offer more functionality. But I am unable to find module/plugin for displaying exhibitions (This module/plugin is available for Omeka Classic).

I want to know if it is possible to offer exhibitions in Omeka S? If yes, then how? Or do I need to install Omeka Classic for exhibitions?

My setup is to create item metadata for museum resources and offer exhibitions online.

Kindly help.


There is not a separate “exhibit” module in Omeka S. Rather, you can undertake all of those actions in the course of building pages in your sites. The pages are composed of blocks that you can combine to develop your layouts. unlike in Omeka Classic you will have to construct your own navigation for your sites.

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