'Omeka S encountered an error' - How to fix this?

Hello - I was uploading/changing out an image asset using the Cozy theme. When I returned to my home page (https://wisconsincanarchive.org/s/home/page/archive), I received this message: “Omeka S encountered an error.” Other pages seem to be loading fine, but I am not sure how to resolve this error on the index file. I have access to the ‘public_html’ files on the back-end, but am a PHP novice. Is anyone able to help guide an amateur through the process of resolving this error? Thank you!

There’s a link there on the error page to instructions on retrieving error messages. Try following those instructions; they’ll get you more information about what the error is.

Also, could you tell us the versions of Omeka S and Cozy you’re using?

Its “1.5.2” of cozy
error msg: https://wisconsincanarchive.org/s/home/page/archive

And which version of Omeka S?

This looks like a problem that has been fixed in a later version, so you may just need to upgrade Omeka S.

I see. It’s Omeka S Version 3

I installed the latest version of Omeka S, following install instructions. I’m now receiving this error message (below). Not quite sure how to proceed. Any ideas?


The Asset block is only in 3.1.0 and up, so you must have been on a version like that.

Version 3.1.2 is the one that fixes the problem with the Asset block you were having. 3.2.0, what you moved to, also has that fix but also some other new features.

I’m not sure how you went about trying to upgrade but something doesn’t seem to be right there… it looks like you didn’t actually upgrade the database? It’s not possible to do that normally. Can you clarify how you did this install/upgrade?

Sure, I was trying to follow the guidance, here, on ‘Updating’: Installing - Omeka S User Manual

in other words, copied previous /config, /modules, /themes, and /files directories. Replaced old omeka files with new version’s files. Then pasted the /config, /modules, /themes, and /files directories onto their locations, as instructed in the user manual under ‘Updates.’ Again, though, I’m a novice at this. Is there more to do in terms of upgrading the database? It looks the same as far as I can tell.

You should have gotten a message telling you to upgrade your database when you did that. You didn’t get that message?

I didn’t see that. Can you tell me more about that process, or is there a user manual page I can turn to?

It’s covered in the installation manual page you were already looking at. Omeka S should detect that you’re using a new version and prompt you to upgrade but for some reason that’s not happening for you here.

You can manually do it too, though: if you go to the URL /migrate at your server, then you should see a page that prompts you to “Update database.”

Perfect, that worked. Thanks!

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