Omeka S encountered an error - how to debug?

New install of Omeka on Ubuntu. When I try to access http://hostname/omeka-s I get the error “Omeka S encountered an error”. Nothing in the logs. Tried changing the .htaccess file environment to ‘development’. verified the database.ini info as correct. still no log info or error info on the page.

How do I debug this?

I noticed in the apache log that the Zend framework was complaining that it couldn’t read the database.ini file because the strong password that I was using had an exclamation mark (!) in it. I changed the password and the .ini file. Now I get a Not Found error from Apache because it is being redirected to /omeka-s/install directory that does exist.

Any clues here?

The exclamation mark should have been fine, but you’d have had to enclose the password in quotation marks.

The Not Found error almost certainly means that you’re having a mod_rewrite problem with Apache. Either mod_rewrite is not enabled, or the AllowOverride setting is not turned on in your Apache config (so the .htaccess file is not being read), or both. AllowOverride is my initial suspicion since you described setting “development” mode there with no effect.