Omeka S Deleting Sites


I created a site by mistake, and I would like to delete this. However, every time I try to delete it, I always recevie an error - “Omeka S encountered an error”

Has anyone else received the same error?

Thank you.


We’ve had some people report the same problem… could you tell us what version you’re using?

The workaround is to go and delete all the pages for the site first (there’s a default page added to new sites, so even if you haven’t made any yourself there’s at least one to delete). Then you should be able to delete the site without issue.

Thanks so much jflatnes! I have successfully deleted it. The version I’m using is 2.0.0

On another note, I am using Omeka S for a few images, and every time I go onto the website, the items are always set to “Created” and “Descending”?

Can this be changed and permenatly set to “Identifier” and “Ascending”?

I’ve read the other thread about issues deleting newly created sites. I have version 1.4.0 installed.

The work around of deleting the site’s pages then deleting the site works. I have a somewhat tangential issue…The reason i wanted to delete the site in the first place is because Omeka S can’t find the site or didnt’ create a new site for me.

For instance, i create a new site, title and slug. Then i attempt to view the newly created site only to encounter a generic error, " Omeka S encountered an error". I can’t turn on the robust error messages, so i cannot provide you with that.

I think it could be a server issue (i’m using Reclaim Hosting) or module issue. I am using the Domain - Site Mapping module and it says the new site i created “is not a valid url”. I have a redirect set for my main site as well.

Any ideas?

It certainly sounds like an issue with the domain-mapping module… if you uninstall or deactivate it, do you have the same problem, or not?

Ahh yes, it did fix the issue. I was hesitant to deactivate the module because i finally had a nice setup. I really like using the domain mapping module. It provides a much cleaner URL. so i’m not sure what else to do.

thanks again.