Omeka S CSV Import - User import sends emails?

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Apologies if this has been asked previously and I’ve missed it in the forum.

We’re running into some issues when running bulk user imports using the Omeka S CSV Import Module (v 2.2.1) and I’m hoping to confirm if this expected behaviour. The issues are:

  • Bulk ingested users are inactive by default and users don’t receive a notification/activation email
  • Bulk ingested users appear to have the proper role on the user list page, but when editing user details, the value shows as null (we’ve been careful to set the role names to the exact strings as per the documentation).

For context, our system sends emails successfully for manual account creation.

I’m curious if anyone else has experienced this behaviour or if there may be an issue with our instance. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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Jay Brodeur

CSV Import doesn’t send emails out to users you add. The code for sending emails exists only in the part of the code that’s used for the admin UI for adding users, so it doesn’t happen when using another module or the API.

The problem with roles, that’s unexpected. When you say you’re matching the value exactly, what kinds of values are you putting into the sheet for roles? Here you’d want to match the internal identifier for a role, not the “friendly” (or translated) string that’s often displayed.

Hi John,

Sorry for the slow response, but thanks for clarifying that this is expected activity. I also think you’ve answered the question about roles. Sorry if this is a silly question, but can you direct me to where in the documentation these internal identifiers are listed? All that I can find in the docs is reference to the ‘friendly’ strings.
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I’ll have to check on that… outside CSV Import there isn’t much need for users to know those “internal” names so they might not be listed.

I can tell you that they’re as follows though:

  • global_admin
  • site_admin
  • editor
  • reviewer
  • author
  • researcher

Many thanks, John. I appreciate the help!

All the best.

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