Omeka S + Cantaloupe


I want to use Cantaloupe IIIF Image API functionalities to handle images attached to Items. I installed IIIF Image Server module in order to connect a IIIF Image API Server.
But I want to “close the circle” trying to configurate Omeka S to handle the rest of workflow:

  1. A user create an Item
  2. Upload a file,
  3. This file will be handle by Cantaloupe in order to create info.json file with piramydal caches
  4. User it in Item page with IIIF Image Module using that info.json url.

I understand I have to configure Cantaloupe pointing source folder to uploads folder of Omeka S, but how can semplify other steps?

Anyone have a suggestions? Anyone already do that?

thanks in advance.

Multiple configurations are possible depending on your instrastructure.

The most simple is not to share the same directory and not to upload images, but to create a directory for Cantaloupe where the user stores all original files. Then, in omeka, the user chooses “iiif” in the media tab and fills the field with the url to the info.json created from Cantaloupe.

The url to the info.json of the image is the base url of cantaloupe + /iiif/3/ + the relative path to the image + /info.json. In Cantaloupe, you may config the path of the image differently (without extension, with subpaths, in which case you may need to replace the “/” by “%2F”) , etc.).

In that case, you don’t need the module image server, because Cantaloupe is the image server.