Omeka S as OEmbed provider

I’m looking at ways to enhance Matterport-based tours of our museum with short audio files and hating the soundcloud approach.

I tried loading the clips into Omeka S as media files and using the direct https links to the files. I also tried the Sharing module embed links and Iiif Server links for good measure. I tried mp4, mp3 and wav versions of the files.

I’m guessing Matterport is using OEmbed to ingest the audio files, but when I link to the files in Omeka S as any of the above, no joy.

I’m an OEmbed noob, but as I understand it, Omeka would need a URL scheme and API endpoint pair, which I had assumed the Sharing module had implemented, however it looks like it generates an HTML page and gives the option to embed it as an iFrame.

Wondering if has anyone looked at a OEmbed provider module? From what I can tell each site would have to add themselves to the public provider registry.

Any other suggested solutions?

On Omeka S 2.1.0, btw

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The simplest way to do that is to use the module Sharing, where there is a code to embed an item. As the OEmbed is a simple format, it is easy to update it to follow the standard.

Ideally, it should be a core feature, not a module one, but the distinction between core and modules is not clear and there is no clear roadmap, so it’s hard to say.