Omeka S and Scripto

Does Scripto plug in work with Omeka S?

Scripto, like all the other plugins for Omeka Classic, will not work with Omeka S since it’s a complete rewrite. I think there are plans for a replacement module for Omeka S though.

I know some projects wait for a replacement of Scripto and some other plugins, but if everybody waits for somebody… Is there a place to inform about a planning, a working progress, or a deadline?

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We just started work, last week in fact, on an update of Scripto for Omeka S. This coincides with the migration and redesign of a major legacy digital collection, Papers of the War Department, to Omeka S. PWD was not built in Omeka and uses its own version of Scripto for community transcriptions. So, that work has to be done carefully and in connection with one another so that by early 2019 we can relaunch the PWD site in S with a new version of Scripto.

I am working on a blog post to announce the grant funding we are receiving from the NEH that allows us to update Scripto. We typically announce new grants funding Omeka-related development work on and/or

We are still gathering requirements, so we don’t have a solid schedule or even a GitHub repository yet. Once we have a repo for a new transcription module, you’ll be able to find it with the other S modules,

Thank you for the information!

@sbrennan do you have a timeframe for the new version of the plugin?

Thank you

Hello my friends

It looks Scripto fro Omeka S is available already

Updated recently

It is in development. It is not ready for deployment.

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Well noted!

Thank you very much.