OMEKA S 4.0 default Mirador viewer customization

Hi all, I’m wondering how I can customize the Mirador viewer now used from Omeka by default to render IIIF manifests.
I saw that a application\view\omeka\iiif-viewer folder exists with an index.phtml inside that seems to be the page of the viewer but it looks I cannot copy that in the theme folders to custom that (I mean: I can do it but it seems Omeka S ignores it).
So my questions are:;

  1. it’s that application\view\omeka\iiif-viewer file to be customized?
  2. can I include this customization in a theme?
    Thanks for help!

No, you can’t override view/omeka/iiif-viewer/index.phtml. You can customize the Mirador viewer using the iiif_viewer.mirador_config event, which passes a mirador_config argument containing a Mirador configuration array that you can modify to your needs. You can find the available configuration settings here.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to apply handlers to events in themes. It can only be done in modules.

Thanks for the answer. I’m moving to use Mirador plugin with the manifest URI saved in a field instead of rendering media.

Can you say what kind of changes you were looking to make? Mirador options/configuration, theming/styling, or something else?

One of the most important for me now is to get back the Control panel on the left side:

But also add Mirador plugins can be really useful

Users can open the sidebar by clicking on the toggle icon next to the resource title:


Or is the “control panel” distinct from the sidebar?

Yes, those are two different panels: