Omeka-s 2.0.2 search back to 1.4 behavior


I’ve upgraded to omeka 2.0.2 and all went well, thanks for this great work.

Is it possible to disable the search in the pages and have it as for the omeka-s 1.4 version on the Items (and maybe even item-sets)?

The old search pages remain more or less as they were, so it would be possible to just have the search box point at, for example, the item browse page and get the “old” search.

If I may ask, what’s your issue with the “new” search? Just that pages are included?

The new Search presents the results found in the pages at the top and at the bottom a small list of 10 items without thumbnails and descriptions.

It is true that clicking on View all results (xx total) returns the old behavior, but a a further click is needed and is less immediate for those who, like us, are oriented towards research and the result only ITEM and not match inside pages.

I would rather suggest a feature to research on collection metadata and display it (like three section Item, Item-sets and Pages) and the Admin from the settings chooses which to display as a search result (only Item, or Item and Item-sets or everything)

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