Omeka-S 2.0.0 search disabled


I’ve just upgraded to Omeka-S 2.0.0 but I’m stumbling on how to correctly activate the fulltext search feature.

As per the upgrade, everything went smoothly. Official modules and themes upgraded OK. Other modules I have disabled in the meantime.

But the search feature does not return any result any more. A simple text search on a site with a common word or a resource title fails with 0 result, so does on admin side.

I’ve seen in the settings page a new item “Index full-text search” but it is and stays disabled whenever I try to enable it and save changes.

FYI I’ve just upgraded from MySQL 5.5 to 5.7.
Is there anything I’m missing relative to MySQL config or other settings to modify in admin side?

Thanks in advance and have a nice day


I did found out that full text index is done using a Job. If I’m correct, on install without job management available, this is an issue.

Edit: fixed this by finally adding the synchronous strategy to my local.config.php:

'service_manager' => [
        'aliases' => [
            'Omeka\Job\DispatchStrategy' => 'Omeka\Job\DispatchStrategy\Synchronous',

Then headed to the settings page and enabled the full text index option. The job ended successfully and now I can search normally.

Thank you for this! I was having the same problem.

Further to the above, can I ask what the steps are to make this fix? I’ve got something similar after upgrading to 2.1.0 from 1.4, including a job error on ‘IndexFullTextSearch’…

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function title() on null in /home/makingaf/public_html/application/src/DataType/Resource/AbstractResource.php:86
Stack trace:
#0 /home/makingaf/public_html/application/src/Api/Adapter/AbstractResourceEntityAdapter.php(481): Omeka\DataType\Resource\AbstractResource->getFulltextText(Object(Zend\View\Renderer\PhpRenderer), Object(Omeka\Api\Representation\ValueRepresentation))
#1 /home/makingaf/public_html/application/src/Stdlib/FulltextSearch.php(42): Omeka\Api\Adapter\AbstractResourceEntityAdapter->getFulltextText(Object(Omeka\Entity\Item))
#2 /home/makingaf/public_html/application/src/Job/IndexFulltextSearch.php(32): Omeka\Stdlib\FulltextSearch->save(Object(Omeka\Entity\Item), Object(Omeka\Api\Adapter\ItemAdapter))
#3 /home/makingaf/public_html/application/src/Job/DispatchStrategy/Synchronous.php(34): Omeka\Job\IndexFulltextSearch->perform()
#4 /home/makingaf/public_html/application/src/Job/Dispatcher.php(105): Omeka\Job\DispatchStrategy\Synchronous->send(Object(Omeka\Entity\Jo
in /home/makingaf/public_html/application/src/DataType/Resource/AbstractResource.php on line 86

…but I’m not sure what the steps are to solving it. Any assistance would be gratefully received.

Have you tried manually running the index job? Under Settings from the left-side navigation, there’s a “Index full-text search” checkbox, if you check that and save the form, we’ll try again to rebuild the search index.

If your problem was just specific to the index job that gets run automatically when you upgrade, then that should fix the issue.


I’m having this same problem in Omeka-S 3.0.1. When checking the option for Index full-text search in the admin panel, it simply unchecks itself. I see a job with class “Omeka\Job\IndexFulltextSearch” in the Jobs view with status “Completed” after attempting to turn it on, but there’s no further info or errors, and there’s nothing in the apache error log.

Here’s what the “service_manager” directive in my local.config.php looks like:

    'service_manager' => [
        'aliases' => [
            'Omeka\File\Store' => 'Omeka\File\Store\Local',
            'Omeka\File\Thumbnailer' => 'Omeka\File\Thumbnailer\ImageMagick',
            'Omeka\Job\DispatchStrategy' => 'Omeka\Job\DispatchStrategy\Synchronous',

What else can I try to get this working?

I’m able to replicate this issue–clicking “index full-text search”, seeing the “completed” job, but not getting any search results either in Site or in Admin with anything other than an empty search query.

FWIW the ‘unchecking’ of “index full-text search” after submitting the form is by design, allowing it to function as a sort of index initiating button to be repeated as necessary.

Digging in to the code, it looks like the full-text index is saving everything correctly, so it must be something with the search behavior on the other end. Will keep investigating…

What kinds of searches are either of you trying to test things out? MySQL’s fulltext search has various restrictions that can cause zero results returned, like searching for a word that is too short (like just 1 or 2 characters) or that is in the stopword list. Though we don’t see as many people running into these kinds of problems on S as in Classic as S uses a newer form of the MySQL fulltext search that has fewer restrictions like that.

If the job is reporting as complete, and especially if you’ve looked at the fulltext table in the database and the content is present there, things should be fine.

I’ve tested with words and phrases of varying length, up to a full sentence, pulled directly from the title and text fields in the fulltext_search table. In both the admin sidebar search and site search, all attempts return 0 results.


Just to clarify, what exact problem are you having?

The behavior you describe of checking the Index box and it being unchecked on the page load, and a log indicating that the job completed, those are both normal and as expected.

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