OMEKA Newb Looking for Some Help Please I Am Freaking Out

I apologize for freaking out. I am a newb OMEKA user and I am having to upgrade my OMEKA classic site from v2.2 to latest version due to a server migration. New box running higher version of PHP so 2.2 can’t run against it. My other big concern is our new server is going to Maria DB instead of MySQL so wondering if anyone has seen issues with this? Can OMEKA 2.6.1 run against this Maria DB? I am just completely freaking out and my technical partner is no longer with us so I am trying to gain knowledge fast in order to accommodate this server migration. The other part of this is moving from http to https as well during this migration effort. Any hekp would be greatly appreciated. Insight or instructions on how to upgrade. I really am in a desperate spot here. Migration needs to be finished by mid-December. Thank you so much.

With gratitude,

Hi there

Will this help?

I am no programmer but it seems that MariaDb’s sintaxe is pretty much like MySQL.

Sorry if I am not helping at all!


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