and CSS Editor

I am working with and am currently trying so set up a simple page so that a picture is displayed on the left hand-side and a short biography next to the picture not the right side. By default, they are displayed below each other. Is there any way to organize them side by side either using the html editor or CSS? I have tried working with inserting different codes into CSS editor, but so far, I was unable to change the position of the text.

Thank you


I did the same thing for my simple landing page. The only way I could get it to work was to set up a table. If that’s the only structure you want a simple one row, two column table will get the job done. I know it’s not the recommended way but it gets the job done.


Hi Laren,
Thanks for your reply! Did you find a way to “hide” the table lines? I tried setting up a table but felt that due to the black table lines, the page then got very busy.

Thank you