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My Omeka Classic page isn’t running.
It was working ok, but after months without acessing I have noticed this problem.

I get this message:
Zend_Session::start() - /var/www/html/ Error #8192 Function create_function() is deprecated
/var/www/html/ Error #2 count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable

I have no idea how to proceed.

Omeka Classci 2.7.1
PHP 7.3
Apache 2.4
MySQL 5.6

Thank you

Ricardo Mendes

Are you sure you have Omeka Classic 2.7.1? That “count” error shouldn’t be happening if you do.

You’ve got me!

My notations for all updates in this service are quite incomplete.

Last July I have a note for updating the software from 2.4.1 to 2.7.1.

I checked the dates for the main files and I’ve discovered that all are from Feb 2nd 2017.

So I wonder that would be the case that the version 2.4.1 is still implanted (my last record was inserted in Dec.2018.

I’ve made then (last July) the backup of the DB files using the MySQL interface in my web hosting service. What would mandatory before the update, but…


Ricardo Mendes

So, were you able to work out your problem? I don’t know what would have caused this “roll back” to 2.4.1, maybe an old backup was restored somehow?

Upgrading to 2.7.1 (again) should resolve your issue.


Which is the procedure to upgrading?

  1. copy the folder Images? Just that?
    2) export database through MySQL server?
    3) install 2.7.1 version in one new folder ? Or is there any other step?

In fact, I imagine that “this experience” will be quite definitive to prove to myself that Omeka is a reliable option. So I can’t lose data or format data.



The manual contains instructions for upgrading.

Certainly make a backup before proceeding, as the first step there suggests.

In general, the process is: unzip the new 2.7.1 copy on your server, point its db.ini at your old Omeka database (or a copy of it, whichever you prefer), copy over the files folder from the old install, plus your installed themes and plugins, then go to “/admin” of the new install and run the upgrade.

After the upgrade is complete you would look at updating themes and plugins, if necessary (usually, if you haven’t made local changes to the files, this is just a matter of replacing the old plugin or theme folder completely with a new downloaded copy).

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Thanks a lot

Queston 1
Is there any problem in making the backup through the Mysql interface in the hosting service?

Question 2
And so just copy the image folder

Ricardo Mendes

Your host’s MySQL backup service should be fine for making a backup.

As for copying folders, I’d just direct you to the Upgrading instructions I linked to earlier.

At the moment, I think that is no longer yours. Did your hosting expire?

Sorry for the misspelled url

(after some weeks)

I have done the installation of the version. 2.7.1 in a new folder (see (yes, with a X)

I 've made the modifications regarding db.ini, config.ini (language) e htaccess, and copied the folder FILES with the archived itens

It’s working. Even the geolocation is fine (there was a recorrent crash, but now it’s ok).

So I’ve tried to update a new DB MySql (using the internal backup), but there was a problem with the last backup file. So I’ve used the previous one without the last item added (I have a sheet for each item and it is easy to recover data).

I have a last question about “ABOUT page” !
There isn’t there: my About page of course, not the blank one.
Where should it be archived, which folder ?

Thanks a lot

Ricardo Mendes (Brazil)

The Simple Pages data is stored in the database, not any files within the Omeka install (the table is simple_pages_pages). You can probably recover it from one of your backups.


The page content is there. A copy-paste sequence has solved the problem.

Why hasn’t Omeka recognized it?


Ricardo Mendes

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