Omeka Import API - how to import tags


I have a site,, and I’m importing that to my own copy of omeka running on my own domain VM. I’ve run the Omeka Import API successfully, and it pulled in all my collections and items, but it did not pull in tags.

What is the recommended way to transfer all the tags from my site to my own omeka installation?

Thank you,

You didn’t get any tags at all?

I’m fairly certain that the Omeka API Import plugin is supposed to import tags (by adding the appropriate tags to each imported item).

I do have 35 tags on my imported site. The original site has 779 tags. But now that you mentioned it, I realize maybe it did work. I assumed the 35 tags that I have were built-in default tags. However, it looks like on the original site, only those 35 tags have a non-zero number next to them, which I now see is the indicator of how many items have that tag.

So I think the Omeka API Import must just exclude tags that have no items, or perhaps it works the other way around: only create tags as defined by the items it imports.

Thanks for your confirmation that it is supposed to work! That helped clarify everything!