Omeka has encountered an error - InvalidArgumentException

An old exhibition is now displaying this message with the term InvalidArgumentException rather than two of it’s pages. The rest of the exhibition is displaying properly and everything looks fine in the back end.

Is there anything different about those two pages - a kind of block in use that you don’t use elsewhere?

I’ve gone through all pages and can’t see any different blocks than those in the other pages. The last page Simms Gallery is just a huge Gallery block (48 images) with no text. The really strange thing is all public pages display perfectly when I’m logged in.

The issue seems to be related to the Vimeo Import plugin.

Since it works fine when you’re logged in, I imagine the issue is that you have an attached item on those pages that is private. You could make the item public (if it should be public), you could detach it from the block, or you could deactivate the Vimeo Import plugin (if you’re not actually using it). Any of those three should work.

Thank you so much! I didn’t realise there were private images hidden away there, have made them public and this solved the problem.

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