Omeka Everywhere - No suitable kits found in Qt


We are a local library in the province of Quebec, Canada.

We are new to Omeka.

We have created our Omeka website just a few days ago :

We have activated the API. For exemple, we can find our Omeka website with the Omeka Everywhere mobile app on an iPad.

We also activated the Heist plugin.

We have an Ideum table. It is an Ideum Platform I 65" running on Windows 10.

We would like to use Omeka Everywhere with that table to display the content of our Omeka website.

But, we are running into a problem.

We can’t open the project in Qt Creator.

We have Qt Creator open source installed.

We have the Qt 5.9.2 MSVC2013 64bit kit installed in Qt.

But, when we want to open the file, Qt says there are no suitable kits found.

It is strange because in that same Qt screen, I can see under that message the Desktop Qt 5.9.2 MSVC2013 64bit kit.

Could anyone help us at this stage?

Thank you.


I see our mistake.

We don’t have compilers assigned to the Qt 5.9.2 MSVC2013 64bit kit in Qt Creator.

So, what C and C++ compilers do you recommand for the Qt 5.9.2 MSVC2013 64bit kit?

Thank you.