Omeka encountered an error : Trying to access to an item page on admin panel

Hi everyone,

I’ve a problem that appeared today. When I want to access to a page “/omeka-s/item/XXX” from the admin panel, Omeka-S sent me an error, but the item edit “/omeka-s/item/XXX/edit” works fine. I tried to reinstall but it doesn’t work.

Any idea where does this error comes from ?

What is the error message?

Okay, try to make the .htaccess change suggested in the manual’s page on error display/logging.

I made the modification and now it shows me a doctrine error :

The log seems to indicate this is a problem with the “browse previous/next” feature of the “Next” module.

Okay, I desactivate it for the moment, I’ll search deeper what’s causing the issue later.
It works just fine now.

Thank you very much !

You may want to report your problem to the module’s developer.

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