Omeka Conferences?

I’m looking for recommendations for conferences (also symposia, unconferences, etc. without limitation) that are friendly places to hear about Omeka work or from Omeka-aligned people or even online exhibitions people more broadly. DLF was my first thought, but/and where else? Do the big DH and ACH conferences get Omeka presentations any more? (It’s been a minute since I went to one.)

There is the annual conference of the French association of Omeka users on 8th and 9th December in Université de Grenoble (streamed online too). See the program event on SciencesConf .

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Sorry I missed this post when it appeared. There are often presentations at DH and ACH about projects that are using Omeka Classic or Omeka S, but we haven’t been as project in a while. I would think that we’d make an appearance when DH is in Virginia in 2024.

NCPH and SAA also often include sessions with projects that use Omeka, but we only hear about those by chance. (Just like all the grant applications that use the software but the project directors never let us know…)

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