Omeka Classic version 2.8

Today we’re releasing the latest update to Omeka Classic: version 2.8. You can download it now.

This version contains a variety of updates: A few I’ll mention specifically include compatibility with PHP 8, a feature to allow themes to preserve some styling when using item, collection, and file titles in various places (so things like italics that might have previously been stripped out can be displayed), and a security update to fix the HTML filtering for file metadata. Along with that there are other features, bug fixes, and translation updates for many languages.

New versions of the Classic themes from the Omeka Team are also available to take advantage of new features in 2.8, but older themes that worked on 2.7 will continue to work on 2.8. The same is true for plugins.

As always, for more details on the contents of the release, see the release notes.

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