Omeka Classic version 2.7


Today we’re announcing the release of the latest version of Omeka Classic, version 2.7. As always, there is more included in the release than can be mentioned in this short post, so see the release notes for full details.

This release wraps up a variety of bug fixes, from compatibility with the latest versions of PHP and MySQL to smaller problems with internal functions and filters and UI/markup issues. Improvements for site visitors are also included: such as a link connecting file pages (which often come up as search results) to the items they belong to, and default alphabetical sorting when browsing items by tag.

One major new feature included in this new version is version update notifications for plugins and themes. Just as the move to the new addons directory enabled version notifications for Omeka S, we’re rolling out this feature for Omeka Classic users. Note: the notifications will only appear for addons listed on

A more narrowly-focused feature concerns Omeka Classic installs that live behind reverse proxies. This has become increasingly common as organizations have pushed to add HTTPS support to all their sites, and so Omeka Classic 2.7 adds support for detecting these proxies and generating the correct https links when they are present. In the past, users have had to resort to hacks to force these sites to generate the proper URLs.

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