Omeka Classic or Omeka S

I’m researching for a client who currently has a site built in Dreamweaver and looking to transfer it to Omeka. We are trying to determine what option might be best, omeka classic or omeka S. If you could please take a brief look at and tell us what you think might be appropriate. Thanks

It would work in either S or Classic, but I might go with Classic.

Classic might be faster to get online - with Classic, the minute you spin up an installation, there is a home page and browse pages for collections and items. You could use the Collections the way you have created the gallery, or have each gallery as an exhibit (which would permit you to have more interpretive content).

If you want to use linked data, or if you want to build out the site from scratch, you might use S.

One recommendation I always make for people trying to decide which Omeka to use is to take a small sample set of your data (5-10) items, and plug them in to the S Sandbox and a trial account on

Are there additional features you want to add to the site which might help make the decision between S and Classic?

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