Omeka Classic Migration loads front page, 404 on anything else

I’m migrating and I’ve run into a problem that I can’t narrow down. It SEEMS like an Apache issue or some other config issue but I’m not sure. Right now the front page is loading properly and even randomizing the highlighted item but not internal links work. Even gives a 404 error. The URL is changed to /admin/users/login but nothing is displayed. right now the apache user www-data owns the whole omeka directory and I think the apache virtual host is correct (since it loads the page). I didn’t have mod_rewrite enabled but after turning that on nothing’s changed.

apache logs don’t seem to tell me anything and enabling page errors in .htaccess doesn’t show anything because I go from a normal front page to a 404 error. Any direction you can give me would be wonderful

To be clear, the 404 errors are happening on a non-public copy of the site, correct? Since the public version seems fine.

Your symptoms are a perfect match for the classic “mod_rewrite/.htaccess” problem. Have you checked all the possibilities mentioned in the “404 or Not Found” section of the Troubleshooting manual page?

You mentioned your .htaccess and mod_rewrite, but have you checked AllowOverride in your Apache configuration? AllowOverride must be set to On for the directory your site is served from, or Apache won’t read the .htaccess file at all. Also, remember that Apache must be restarted after enabling mod_rewrite for that to take effect.

I did the mod_rewrite and .htaccess after starting to see the issue but I didn’t check AllowOverride. Flailing for something I messed with a lot of permissions and chmod and ended up scrapping the whole thing and resetting the DNS back to our old site. I’ll try again tonight after checking AllowOverride which sounds like its the cuplrit. Thank you, hopefully that’s it

Wonderful, that was it. With AllowOverride on links work fine and everything. I’m testing uploads and changing maximums etc but it’s working properly now. Thank you again

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