Omeka Classic Installation - problems on Windows

I know I have been warned but some posts gave me some hope. As a Windows user, on a Windows server, I have had many, many problems for days. Reading articles, visiting all the topics was not enough to solve all the problems I have had . Trying to contour them, fixing things step by step, I simply arrived to a dead end and had to recognize I would not succeed in installing Omeka on a Windows server. I investigated the wordpress conflicts, the omeka limitations under Windows, the Apache editing restrictions under Windows, mod_rewrite enabling, 403 errors, access denials, the Uncaught Zend_Db_Adapter_Mysqli_Exception, asking help from my host… and… and… I just had to surrender. Now, I am just taking a breath to start from zero, installing Linux for the first time, hoping that the learning curve is not a high cliff, contracting hosting on a Linux server (I can’t just migrate because of the old problem with the asp files and so on) , with a new domain (that’s ok), and hoping to be lucky with my new adventure with my library and collections… Fingers crossed. I hope I can count on you.

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