Omeka Classic display Album cover for MP3 in Universal Viewer

Hello, in need for some help around displaying an image when I upload an MP3 file to Omeka and view it through the Universal Viewer. Unfo it does not add an image (instead appears blank) in the Universal viewer but I am able to see the audio controls and play the mp3. Also, the Download image cover for the MP3 is the fallback image. When I upload items with image files, this is not an issue.

Please see example:

I tried the following:

  • configured the Universal Viewer config.JSON and set everything to ‘true’
  • on my PC (Windows) I set the album cover in the MP3 meta data with a JPEG file

Any advice on how to configure the album or image so that the image appears like this for this MP3 -

Hi Jenny,

The point is not universal viewer, but the iiif manifest created to be displayed with the viewer. You need a manifest like this one (the one in the example), but the manifest created by the plugin doesn’t include the cover. So you need either complete the plugin for that, or create a specific plugin that will use the hook uv_manifest. So I don’t know if you can do it or no.

Thanks Daniel.
The solution to complete or create a new plugin sounds complicated.
To complete the plugin, could one reinstall the latest version of the plugin or does this need some development work to the plugin itself?

Also Daniel, is this a paid service that you could help us with?

There is no change on this point in the recent or old version of the plugin.

I created plugin IiifManifestFilter, so the manifest can be filled via a file in the theme with the cover.

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