Omeka classic directory backup

Hi, im a newbie user of Omeka Classic, mi question is:

Where are the files?. I mean i didnt install omeka, so i dont know where is the file or folder path in my linux drive, I was looking for but I cant find it.

How can i find the Omeka directory , or its hide.

It varies from installation to installation but generally everything Omeka-related is underneath one same folder, wherever on the server web content is stored.

thanks, but, where is the PDf or Jpg files i have already upload i cant find nothing, what directory should i search … any idea

The uploaded files should be inside a folder named files (or, if it’s a very old Omeka site, archive).

I see this folders but no one has files inside my omeka is Omeka classic 2.4 running in debian 7

Ok i finally get them , thanks

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