Omeka Classic Connected Carousel Touch Screen


I have a Gallery using Connected Carousel and Simple Pages on my Omeka Classic site. The rotating gallery rotates fine until you touch a thumbnail. It centers that photo and displays the large photo but does not continue rotating unless you touch outside the carousel. This only happens when selecting with the touch screen. Using a mouse displays the photo briefly then continues. How can I configure the touch screen to work the same?

This is a plugin I added several years ago. I’ll take a look and see what needs to be done.



As far as I can tell this is the behavior. On a mouse based computer, when you select a thumbnail and leave the mouse pointer on the thumbnail navigation bar, the gallery stops rotating until you move the mouse pointer off the navigation bar. This behavior is consistent on touch screens, except you don’t see the mouse pointer and so the slideshow resumes only when you click somewhere outside the navigation bar. The assumption is that if you click on the thumbnail, you are interested in that image and so the slideshow stops until you take some action to start it again. For mouse based computers that is moving the pointer off the navigation bar but for touch based it is more complicated to change focus, you need to touch somewhere outside the plugin.

There is nothing built into the plugin to make this behavior change. And I am not sure how this could be accomplished even by code changes. I’ll experiment with it a little to see if I can make it happen and let you know.


Hello Will,

Thank you so much for your contribution to the plugin library! I have been working to convert our original portrait gallery which was all encoded in Adobe Flash to Omeka and when I started working with the Connected Carousel plugin it has looks like it is the answer. The stopping/not restarting has been one issue. Another is filling two vertical screens one with the touch carousel the other with the portrait without snapping onto the main screen. Thank you so much for looking into the stopping issue!


I reviewed the code and the 3rd party software I use for the carousel, Slick Carousel, does support changing the focus issue with touch devices. So as far as I can tell, there is no way to make the carousel behave the way you have suggested.

Sorry. If any other readers have some ideas, I would be interested.


You can have more control over the carousel if you use it as a shortcode in an exhibit because you have access to all the features. The Connected Carousel New Block only has a few options you can set. If you insert the shortcode into a text block, you have access to all the features and you can control the layout, especially of the text blocks better.

Here is a sample shortcode you could insert:

[concarousel ids=752-731 center=true slides=9 showdescription=true captionposition=right width=100% float=left slideshow=true speed=2000 focus=false navigation=false navbar=true]

The focus option set to false turns off using the navbar to navigate to a specific image. Clicking on a thumbnail does not move you to that image. But doing that on a touch screen turns off the slideshow until you touch outside the carousel.

Hi Will,
I appreciate the help. I found that changing the Mouse button emulation mode to Click on release instead of Click on touch or Mouse emulation in the Elo touch screen configuration. Also using a utility called AutoHide Mouse cursor is now allowing the carousel to continue rotating after pressing a thumbnail.

I originally imported the gallery into Omeka using the CSV import. I have a growing gallery of people who had any role in the Great War. I configured ten different simple pages using ten different random ordered sets of Ids. I played with the exhibit function and found that it didn’t work too well for the gallery I was configuring. After the last update I am not able to bring up the layout options I used to see.

Thank you again for your help Will!


I recently upgraded to 3.0.3 and the options dropdown disappeared also. I am working on how I need to change may code to fix that.

As I mentioned in an earlier response, you can replace the connected carousel block with a text block and embed the shortcode for the connected carousel in that text block. The shortcode looks like this:

<div style="float: left; width: 100%;">[concarousel ids=752-749,747,745,746,744,743,741,731 center=true slides=5 showdescription=false captionposition=center width=100% float=left slideshow=false speed=3000 focus=false navigation=false navbar=false]</div>

As this example shows, you can mix individual items with item ranges and if you do descending item ranges the items are in descending order, ascending ranges are in ascending order. You may have also noticed that when you do individual items, they don’t have to be in ascending or descending order, just the order you want.


Glad to hear you made some progress on that front.