Omeka Classic and OHMS

I’m using Omeka Classic and OHMS. I’ve installed the OHMS Viewer, but I think there’s a problem with the php. When I try to go to the address where an OHMS xml file is, I get an error message. I think this might be a problem that can be fixed in htaccess, by changing something about the php? Has anyone used the OHMS plugins for Omeka before?

Actually, the OHMS plugins were not meant for public release yet, we are finishing them up for release in the next few weeks…we are finalizing documentation. There are 2 plugins, one to import the OHMS xml, automatically create and item and map the fields, and the other to make the OHMS-ed object an Omeka “item” with the contents of the index and / or transcript searchable in the Omeka global search. Finally, the 2nd plugin automatically embeds your OHMS viewer (assuming your OHMS viewer is working). Works very well. Stay tuned for a release soon, there are some important steps in the documentation we are prepping that make the magic work.

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