Omeka classic and Neatline for Cohuilteco project

Dear Omeka community:

I hope you are doing great. I want to ask you a question. Maybe you can help me. I want to create a site on Omeka Classic using Neatline as plugin, in order to show maps and timelines for my Coahuilteco research project.

I created a site on Omeka. net a couple of years ago:

In order to connect Neatline as a plugin I must download and work on Omeka Classic. For that, I need a server. I have two options:

  1. Omeka. net hosting services

2)Reclaim Hosting

I’m not sure about what to do. In one hand, Neatline doesnt appear anywhere in the the lists of plugins related with the Omeka. net upgrade plans (On the Omeka Classsic website plugins section Neatline appears). I feel kind of confused about the difference between Omeka Classic and Omeka. net. It seems to me that I should go for the Reclaimhosting proffesional account, in order to be able to download Omeka Classic and be sure I will be able to download Neatline, and forget about the and start from scratch elsewhere with a free domain.

Thanks a lot for reading me.

Have a great day.


Neatline is not available on Since you have already started creating content on, you can use the Omeka API Import plugin to transfer your content from the existing site to a new site.

There is a table comparing and Omeka Classic on your own hosting on the website.

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Thank yo so much! I was able to download Omeka classic and install Neatline. It has begun… :slight_smile:

Today, I’ve installed neatline. But not working well.