Omeka Classic and AWS S3 services

We have Omeka Classic 3.02 hosted on Reclaim with media file storage on AWS S3.

I’m looking at the first 6 months of billing for our use of S3 for image storage, and almost all of it is actually the hourly fee for the AWS Transfer Family being available 24/7.

Honestly, I found a lot of the instructions for which S3 services were required a bit vague. Do I need this? If not, what should I have set up?

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If you’re just storing Omeka files on S3 using the “ZendS3” storage adapter, typically all you need is the S3 bucket itself in terms of AWS services. Omeka doesn’t use or require Transfer Family, it just accesses the S3 storage directly.

So I can just stop the Transfer Family Server that I set up, thinking it was necessary?

If you’re just using Omeka’s built-in S3 support, then yes, you shouldn’t need that and could get rid of it. Of course, I can’t speak to whether you’re doing other things with AWS, but I can say that Omeka doesn’t use that service.