Omeka Bootswatch Themes

Hi all,
I made a porting of Bootswatch themes ( ) for Omeka.

16 skins based on Bootstrap and a lot of options to configure the page.

You can download, hack, fork the code from:



I just made a full theme with bootstrap too, but without the theming mechanism (see

We can try to merge the projects.


I use Omeka 2.6 and I have just installed the Omeka-Bootstrap-Themes. The theme functions without a problem and looks wonderful (thanks for all the effort!) if some additional plugins are not activated. When, for example, Commenting is activated, the layout on the “items/show/xx” page is totally broken.


When I add <?php CommentingPlugin::showComments(); ?> to the bottom of the items/show.php file, I naturally get two comment forms.

The same problem is true for some other plugins as well (Embed Codes and Social Bookmarking).

Could you give a link to the Omeka-Bootstrap-Themes you are using? There are a couple floating around at different levels of support, and in the one I’m using I’m not seeing the same thing.

I installed the one mentioned in the first post in this thread by alfredo.cosco. As you state, there are various Bootstrap themes available for download but the one by alfredo.cosco seems to be one of the best - except for the problem I mention here.

By the way, I will be very pleased if you can provide me with link to the problem-free Bootstrap theme you say you are using.

Thanks. Always good to double check when a thread gets this old. I tried the one from Daniel K-M that he posted to. It looks like it has had more recent work on it.