Omeka API Import Stalling

Attempting Omeka API import from Omeka 2.5 to Omeka 2.5.1

  • All plugins turned off except API import
  • Import starts fine
  • Items are created, but stalls at 165 items every time with no errors
  • Item 165 is created, but no image made
  • Status sticks at: Importing Items
  • error.log shows a few imagemagick errors (for OBJ and MTL files), but not for the last item


  • Increasing items per page in API
  • Increasing PHP post_max_size
  • Deleting the item it sticks on (it sticks at 165 regardless of which item is there)

For testing:

So, on my laptop the import process ran through to the end okay (looks like 468 items, last item ID was 1339 – does that sound right?). That makes me think that there’s some setting on the server that is causing the problem.

I did notice some very large files around the point where things are breaking for you. It might be that another increase to PHP post_max_size is in order, though these aren’t really POSTs. It might be worth digging in to other server settings about file upload size or other resource limits, maybe in the tmp directory, which can cause problems.

I’d also try reducing the items per page in the API to see if that keeps the server resource needs smaller.

I also saw Imagemagick errors, but I don’t suspect those either at this point.

Thanks, Patrick! I’ll try your suggestions and report back.

So it looks like the problem only arises with JPG or jpg filetypes. PNGs don’t cause the stalling. When I remove the jpgs files from the items, they process correctly.

Solved! But no idea why.

I changed the ArchiveRepertory plugin to process using PHP directly rather than Omeka internal. That seems to have kicked the process through (even though it wasn’t processing any files on the source site).

However, I also tinkered with PHP mods on the server, which might also have contributed to the solution. Either way, it’s fixed, and hopefully no one ever needs this solution themselves.