Omeka API Import is not importing

Hi there,

Trying to import everything from this site:
My site gets stuck on “Status: starting”.
I had a look using tcpdump on what is going on, there are indeed a few exchanges. For instance my client is grabbing api/site and shuts down the TCP connection.
If I try to import api/resources, I get : "The API at is not active"
The API is obviously active on this server.
Well, thanks for any help.


I did an import from that site, and it seemed to come through ok (about 30 items). There might be a server setting where you are trying to import into that’s disrupting the process.

So I guess this problem is probably linked to the other… any chance to be able to debug this?
logs.error = true in config.ini won’t give any output, the file stays desperately empty.
Any clue?
Thank you.

In the config.ini file, also set the logging level to debug: log.priority = Zend_Log::DEBUG That should make the importer spit out a lot of info about its progress.

The server settings might be trickier to chase down. You’d want to look in the server and/or PHP logs for a problem, whereever those are stored. Your server admin should be able to help there.

Sorry for the delay. As I can’t get the other installation working, I’m giving up on import.
I never managed to get a single line of logs btw, DEBUG mode activated.

ls -l /var/www/omeka/application/logs/errors.log
-rw-rw-r-- 1 www-data www-data 0 Jan 21 2016 /var/www/omeka/application/logs/errors.log

Nothing in Omeka’s logs, nothing in Apache logs, apart from access.log.