Omeka API Connection Troubleshooting


I’m working on an Omeka Everywhere installation using OmekaTable2.

The software works, and I can customize the look with the Settings file.

However, only some Omeka endpoints work while others either spin forever or crash the program. I cannot figure out what is causing the different reactions. Here’s a breakdown of what works and doesn’t:

// spins indefinitely
//var OMEKA_ENDPOINT = ""  //no enabled api test
//var OMEKA_ENDPOINT = "" //api enabled

//var OMEKA_ENDPOINT = "" //api enabled

//var OMEKA_ENDPOINT = ""  //no heist support test

Any advice on testing or possible solutions much appreciated!


It might be about the versions of Omeka that the sites are running, they might need to be upgraded to work with the Omeka Everywhere software.

Try a site that runs on Omeka 2.5.1

or this demo:


Although I can’t say exactly why it’s working with some sites and not others, I got it working with the site we need, which uses Omeka 2.4.1.

If I discover more about what makes the difference, I’ll post here.


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