Omeka Alongside MediaWiki

Has anyone installed MediaWiki alongside Omeka, and been able to access both across the local network, and also from outside the network?

I have a machine on my local network I’m using as a server. It acts as the server for a game platform. I’d like to host an Omeka installation for my players on the box also. However, my setup is a little complicated. I have nginx running as a reverse proxy for the game software, altho I know Omeka runs fine with a tweaked nginx recipe, so that’s not a concern. But because I use a remote webhost for my website, I have a subdomain of that site set to redirect to a dyndns for my home network.

What I would like to do is also host mediawiki. Now, nginx should easily handle this, because it would route requests based on the paths requested. The issue I’m having is that I don’t know how I would set up nginx/omeka to handle traffic from 192.168.x.x. Is there a way to tell Omeka to listen on a specific port that I can either route traffic to or access directly? or does that not apply because it’s not an active service, just a php response template?

Omeka itself doesn’t listen on any port or network interface, that’s all handled by the web server. (The same is true of MediaWiki).

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