Omeka Administrative View Issues

We just switched to the new version of Omeka and find that the backend is harder to use than the old version. One thing particularly is that our proofreaders usually used the “Full Screen” button in the HTML box to see just the text. Now when we use it the view cuts the text off.

Screen shot of the regular view:

Screen shot of the “full screen view” :

We did add buttons to the HTML view to be able to create our transcriptions, but I wonder if there is a place that we can correct how they display.

That’s probably something we can correct with CSS… the problem is that, like you say, the full screen button isn’t part of the normal set of buttons we expose for the editor, so its behavior isn’t something that got tested.

It looks kind of like there may just be a z-index problem with the fullscreen not being higher than the side and top navigation.

Thanks! We had to add more buttons to be able to transcribe foreign characters and show interlineations with up and down arrows.