Omeka 4.1 Relevance ordering for search results

While testing Omeka S 4.1 I’ve noticed the following on the Public view.

  • Perform a default full text search from e.g. the search box at the top of a page.
  • Follow the ‘View all results’ link through for Items results
  • Results are sorted by Relevance
  • BUT the sort order is ‘ascending’ - which means that the least relevant results are listed first.

This seems wrong to me - I would expect the most relevant results first i.e. the sort-order to be descending. On the Admin side that is the case - the order is descending.

Am I missing a configuration setting?

Hi @jnainsworth ,

What other modules do you have installed and what theme are you using?

Maybe most important, what are your default sort settings for that site?

@jflatnes , I was perhaps a little premature in asking for a list of modules, but it was because I wasn’t even seeing the relevance sort in my test system, now I’ve got it without any additional modules and can replicate the problem.

When I set the site Item browse settings to something like sort Ascending by Title:

The sort direction carries over to the search when the sorting is done by Relevance and I end up with the search result being sorted ascending by Relevance.

It seems like this is a bug and that relevancy sorting should always be descending by default.

Yes, this is why I asked for their default sort setting.

Yes I’ve got the same configuration and behaviour as reported by the other user i.e. Title and ascending set as the default.

Changing to Descending does sort out the Relevance sorting issue.

But I’d agree that regardless of the default sort settings I would expect the Relevance sorting always to be most relevant first, i.e. Descending.

I agree. We’re looking into a change for this now.