Omeka 4.1 Cannot reorder Item Sets

While testing version 4.1 and I’ve found an issue within the Admin interface for a Site → Resources → Item Sets.

I cannot reorder the list of Item Sets by dragging and dropping. The ‘drag’ cursor appears when I hover over the horizontal three bar icon but the Item Set refuses to move.

Thanks for your report; I see the same issue.

I have a prospective fix. If you’d like to try it now, you can make a one-line edit to one file, application/asset/js/site-resources.js:

Replace this line,

new Sortable(document.getElementById('site-item-sets'), {

with this one:

new Sortable(document.querySelector('#site-item-sets .resource-rows'), {

After making the change, you’ll probably have to clear cache or hard-refresh in your browser to see the change.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I’ve tried your proposed fix and it works - I have managed to amend the Item Set ordering.

OK, thanks for letting us know how it went for you.

This will be included in a 4.1.1 bugfix version that will probably be out relatively soon, though I can’t say exactly when.