Omega vs Omeka-s

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I am an absolute newbie who has volunteered to help organize the collection of a local historical museum in Rhode Island that owns the home of one of George Washington’s generals (James Mitchell Varnum) and a WWI-era armory.

A librarian suggested Omeka and it looks really good. So far we haven’t made any decisions and I was curious about Omeka vs Omeka-S. At the moment we are focused on the home, but in the future it would be nice to include the armory.

I think I read in one of the replies that Omeka-S had a better relational database structure but I might have misunderstood that.


Gene Quinn

Both Omeka Classic and Omeka S run on relational databases. One of the significant differences, however, is that Omeka Classic has a baked in Dublin Core metadata schema and Omeka S allows the user to decided at a very finely grained level exactly how they will describe materials. Additionally, an Omeka Classic installation results in a single site that can have many exhibits, but an Omeka S installation can have many separate sites built from a larger pool of materials.

For more on the differences, you should check out the comparison post: Omeka Classic, Omeka S Side-by-Side - #3

Thanks Sharon.

I installed both, we’ll see which one the curators like.



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