OHMS Import plugin

Is anyone using OHMS with Omeka? I think I set everything up as required, but I’m stuck on where I should be uploading the .xml file from? I’ve put a copy of it on the cachefile on the server and can pull it up by entering the proper URL. But that doesn’t bring in the metadata and I’d have to do it manually for each item.

So, if I want to use the OHMS Import plugin… where do I put the .xml and .csv files so that Omeka can get them? When I put copies on my hard drive and try to import, I get this error message: “LogicException: OHMS file must be validated before retrieving list of column examples. in /home/souther5/subdomains/archive.southernfoodways.org/plugins/OhmsImport/models/OhmsImport/File.php:62”

I feel like I must be missing something really obvious. Help!