OHMS Import error - mediaurl

I’m trying to test out Oral History Metadata Synchronizer with Omeka. I am using Reclaim Hosting. I think I have everything right, but when I try to test out the OHMS Import plug-in, I get “Omeka has encountered an error.” When I look at the log, it says "PHP Notice: Undefined variable: mediaurl in /home/[path]/plugins/OhmsImport/controllers/IndexController.php on line 127
Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Many thanks

The error you’re looking for should be more than just that notice. An Omeka error screen like that usually means there’s been an “Exception” which would log as an error. See anything like that?

Thank you! I didn’t have the error reporting set up right. I fixed it and it told me the configured PHP path is invalid. I was missing a slash!! I have been able to move past this error now, thank you so much for your help –

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