OHMS "fatal error"

Hi y’all. I’m stuck. Hoping someone can help me.

I get this error in the place the OHMS Viewer is supposed to display:

Fatal error : Uncaught Error: Class ‘Ohms\Exception’ not found in /home/digit103/omeka.oaklanddigitalcollections.reclaim.hosting/ohms/app/Ohms/Interview.php:36 Stack trace: #0 /home/digit103/omeka.oaklanddigitalcollections.reclaim.hosting/ohms/app/Ohms/ViewerController.php(15): Ohms\Interview::getInstance(Array, ‘/home/digit103/…’, ‘’) #1 /home/digit103/omeka.oaklanddigitalcollections.reclaim.hosting/ohms/render.php(15): Ohms\ViewerController->__construct(‘’) #2 {main} thrown in /home/digit103/omeka.oaklanddigitalcollections.reclaim.hosting/ohms/app/Ohms/Interview.php on line 36

Any clue? I use Reclaim Hosting. I think I was recently on PHP 7.2 and we all had to upgrade recently – this error is coming from PHP 7.3. For PHP 7.4 I just get a blank box, for PHP 8.0 I get a whole list of different errors. I don’t know if it’s related to PHP versions because this project was on pause for a year so I haven’t looked at it in awhile…it could’ve broken before that. As far as I can tell the Interview.php file looks how it’s supposed to. I’m stumped on this one. Thanks for any help you can offer!

The specific error you’re getting looks like it might be a bug in the OHMS code itself.

But, what it’s trying to do is raise a different error message. From my reading the error it’s trying to show here is “Initialization requires valid CacheFile.” This could mean that the required cachefile parameter in the URL to the viewer is blank, when it should have the filename of the interview XML file to display there. Not sure of why exactly that would be but it’s a starting point.

If you have a link to the page that’s not working that could help shine some light also.

I figured it out! It was because the XML Filename field wasn’t filled out in OHMS. So in the OHMS Object field in Omeka it just said cachefile= instead of cachefile=xmlfile.xml. Adding the xml filename to the OHMS Object field is solving it. Sorry that I didn’t figure that out before you spent the time to help me – I really appreciate it, thank you!