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At my institution we are working on developing a collection site about the history of a community, which includes information on people, places together with media images, audio and video clips (all of which would be items). The community we are making the site about has no reliable internet access and we need to deliver the “site” to them offline on flash drives or something similar.

The question is, would it be possible to make the online Omeka S site and then “package” it for offline delivery? Could this work through some kind of web-archiver?

If anyone has done something like this, or has an idea of how this could be done, would appreciate some guidance.

I don’t have any experience myself doing this. A web archiver type of solution could work fine, though certain features will not work after being “flattened”, obviously the administrative features, but also things like search, which would need to be removed or replaced. If you’re mostly interested in getting the actual items presented, then simple “flat” archives of the browse pages and linked show pages could be enough.

It could also be possible to ship the entire installation on a flash drive and have it run a local web server that could be connected to without the internet, but that’s a more complex solution.

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Thanks for this. It turns out that using a wget command produces pretty decent results of a “flattened” site without the search etc, so it seems like we are going to try that out. thanks for the guidance

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