OAI Repository plugin & field mapping

I remember seeing the option to configure field mapping in a previous version of the OAI repository plugin. Did I actually see this option, or am I making it up?

I would like to map item-type metadata field to Dublin Core elements and I’d like the option to toggle fields, making them available for harvest or not.

I don’t see this option in the current version, or maybe I just can’t find it.

I don’t remember there ever being a custom mapping feature in the OAI-PMH Repository plugin.

Maybe you’re thinking of another plugin?

Thanks John! I probably am thinking of another plugin.

I have created my own solution by adding a custom output metadata format to DC Extended plugin. Initially I had plans to build an UI for customizing the item type metadata mapping, but because my use case required also other tweaking and remapping the outputted data, creating the mapping in custom code was more flexible solution.

Here is my code: https://github.com/mjlassila/plugin-DublinCoreExtended/blob/master/libraries/DublinCoreExtended/Metadata/Finna.php