OAI-PMH Repository 'No Verb Specified'

New site- Everything else on it works fine as far as installed latest plugins go.
But the OAI-PMH repository is returning the following:

<error code="badVerb">No verb specified</error>

I looked on here: https://github.com/Daniel-KM/Omeka-plugin-OaiPmhGateway/blob/master/libraries/OaiPmhGateway/ResponseGenerator.php

And it looks like it’s getting this error as a result of running the query and getting no results. I am curious as to how/why that happens. I can get to thousands of items on the site through browsing and using the API, so the database is definitely functioning.

“No verb specified” is an expected error for OAI-PMH if you just browse to the repository URL. There’s no “front page” or default view for an OAI repository, it’s just an endpoint for harvesters to use, and they’ll provide the proper and required parameters with their requests.

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